About Up And Running LLC

Up and Running, LLC – Putting more than four decades of experience in your corner!

Your computer is one of the most important devices in your home or business. Family photos, important documents, your favorite music – so why trust it to someone who just started in the computer industry last week?

I’m Stan Clemence, owner of Up and Running, and I can give you over 40 years of computer experience at a competitive price. The “big box” repair outfits and the fly-by-night shops can’t offer you that kind of knowledge and experience. Why roll the dice with someone less qualified when you could go with the expertise Up and Running offers?

What Up and Running Can Do for You – I’ll give you end-to-end, “cradle to grave” hardware and software support:
• Troubleshooting
• Repair
• Malware and Spyware cleaning
• Installation
• Configuration
• Training
• Additional computer-related technical assistance on computers, networks, and related devices

Let’s Make a Deal – if you call Up and Running and aren’t satisfied with the service you’re provided for any reason, we will make it right with you, no questions asked. If you are satisfied with the professional and courteous service I’ve given, take my card and tell a friend. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose – we will make it right if you aren’t satisfied, but if you are and you pass my card along, your friends will thank you for saving them from the less professional, less experienced and more expensive “competition” waiting to take advantage of them.

Call Up and Running today at (316) 461-0094 and ask me how I can solve your computer problem!

Up and Running, LLC is a Kansas limited liability corporation serving south-central Kansas.