Spotting a Phishing Email

Brien Posey has a good article on Tech Republic’s website titled 10 Tips for Spotting a Phishing Email .iconNoHand

All the tips are very good. Don’t get tripped up by the first two tips being a bit more “techie” than you may be comfortable with. The rest are more user-friendly and are really practical.

He covers things to watch out for like strange misspellings, unusual phrases, asking for personal information, and it seems too good to be true.

The article is not very long and you should click the link above and take a look. If you just don’t have the inclination to read the article remember his 10th item: If it just doesn’t look right–avoid it. 

Be a wise e-mail user!

6/17/2015 UPDATE

Even though the post and article above were written in 2013 the points presented are very much valid today!

The Phishing threat is very much alive and worth reviewing the article.

Be a healthy skeptic!